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Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I gotten an invitation?

Maybe a friend or coach has sent you a message to join a team? To join, just download the app, create an account and use the team code to join your team.

What’s a team code?

The team code is your invitation to the team. Use it to invite new members to join your team and download the app. It’s also used in the app to join an existing team.

Can I create a new team?

Yes, when signing up for the app, you may choose to create a new team or join an existing one.

Does Heja cost anything?

Nope, Heja is completely free for the entire team to use.

How safe is my personal data?

We make your security a high priority and have many years of experience in data security.

Do you offer support?

Absolutely – and it’s free! You’re always welcome at support@heja.io.

Is Heja only for coaches?

No, Heja makes things easier for everyone, both on and around your team.